Can Iphone X Unlocks It?

Apples' Iphone X has the most powerful Face ID unlocking system. Latest Iphone X has the A11 Bionic Chip(Apples Iphone Processor) inbuilt into it, which has the power to recognize you face while unlocking your Iphone X. It uses True Depth method for unlocking. True Depth method in Iphone X is, while setting up your password it creates more than 30,000 dots to precisely map your face. Also there is an Infrared Camera which can reads all those 30,000 or more dots,  it captures them and create an infrared images which is send to A11 Bionic Chip to confirm a match. There is Flood Illuminator which identify your face even in the dark.
Since Iphone X has so powerful face unlocking system, I have been thinking Can Iphone X unlocks your phone even if you turned into Zombies. While running through Youtube I found this video. This is awesome video from Ijustine. She turned her face into zombie. Check it out Can Iphone X unlocks her phone when she is  zombie?

What do you think about this zombie experiment by Ijustine? If you have tried some experiments like this let us know, we will share in our blog.

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BhuWan KhaDka 1 year ago

thank you Ajesh dai,, i will keep posting on it

Ajesh 1 year ago

Nice one bhuwan, it's awesome <3

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